'Mirror’s Edge Catalyst' closed beta coming soon

'Mirror’s Edge Catalyst' closed beta coming soon ELECTRONIC ARTS

Some gamers will soon have a chance to play Electronic Arts' upcoming video game Mirror’s Edge Catalyst.

The closed beta for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst will begin on April 22.  Electronic Arts says it will last for five days, ending on April 26.  During that time, users can try out several of the main missions in protagonist Faith’s story.  They can also check out various side missions, other optional content, and the game's social play features.

"As with any beta, the experience will not be the same as the final product," states Design Director Erik Odeldahl.  "The closed beta is a chance for us to gather your valuable feedback and test the social play and online systems before launch.  We know that as community members, you will have invaluable feedback on the game and we look forward to your comments and reaction when the closed beta starts."

Those who are selected for the closed beta and are a "Frontrunner" will receive an email with containing their codes on the beta's first day.  Others who made it into the closed beta will receive theirs on April 23.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is rated "T for Teen" by the ESRB.  The game will be available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC (via Origin) on May 24.

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