'Outpost Zero' announced for PC release

'Outpost Zero' announced for PC release TINYBUILD

Just announced for PC from TinyBuild is the new sci-fi game Outpost Zero.

A first-person shooter with base building, resource management, and survival elements mixed in, Outpost Zero tasks players with being an AI Overseer.  Sent from Earth and entrusted with the future of humankind, players are tasked with establishing a habitat that can sustain human life on a mysterious alien world.​

In the game, players will fight against a variety of native alien creatures and defend their own base against roving bands of pirates and enemy raiders.  Furthermore, enemy strongholds can be attacked and looted for resources.  The game will also feature scaling combat with upgradeable weapons and armor, as well as group combat with AI squad mates to lead into battle against enemy bases.

Outpost Zero is currently in its alpha stage.  PC owners who would like to give the game a whirl in alpha can do so by signing up on the Outpost Zero website.

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