'World of Tanks' receives massive update

'World of Tanks' receives massive update WARGAMING

After eight years of blasting away on PCs worldwide, Wargaming's World of Tanks receives a massive update.

Dubbed "World of Tanks 1.0," the update overhauls the graphics to give "everything a stunning visual reworking."  The game's audio, too, has received similar treatment.  Each map now has its own main theme that resonates with its setting and changes dynamically depending on what is happening in combat.  From Caucasus themes with Gregorian chanting to Arabic compositions featuring national instruments, Wargaming teamed up with over 40 musicians from all around the world to create a unique atmospheric, authentic sound for each battlefield.

Wargaming says the above mentioned changes are specific to the PC version of the game.  Mobile and console versions will remain unchanged.

World of Tanks is rated "T for Teen" by the ESRB.

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