New E3 trailer released for 'Heavy Fire: Red Shadow'

An in-game scene from 'Heavy Fire: Red Shadow'. An in-game scene from 'Heavy Fire: Red Shadow'. MASTIFF GAMES

During E3 2018, gamers can get a new look at the upcoming video game Heavy Fire: Red Shadow as Mastiff releases a preview trailer.

Check it out:

Says Mastiff Games:

In Heavy Fire: Red Shadow players lace themselves up in the tattered combat boots of Sgt. Will, who narrowly survived a North Korean missile attack on Guam and now finds himself almost single handedly trying to repulse an enemy beach landing. As Sgt. Will, step onto the unforgiving battlefield, establish a beachhead, and holdfast behind a turret-mounted machine gun. A brutal and unceasing onslaught of enemy forces will attempt to flank and eliminate Sgt. Will from every angle as he and a few surviving comrades rain hell upon anything that crosses their iron-sights.

Heavy Fire: Red Shadow is on schedule to come out in fall of 2018 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 (with PSVR support) and PC (via Steam).

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