Indie game 'Molecats' set for late August release

Indie game 'Molecats' set for late August release VIDROID

The indie game Molecats is expected to launch onto Steam on Aug. 28.

The game is currently playable on Steam Early Access and has already won several awards including "Best Game Design" and "Most Innovative Game" at IndiePrize Showcase USA 2018 as well as "Best Art Award" at GTP Indie Cup 2018.

Here is what developer Vidroid has to say about the game:

In Molecats, your job is to help the aforementioned Molecats secure ever-important foodstuffs (‘shrooms) and loot (relics). Guide them through dangerous underground tunnels by twisting and turning tiles – indirectly controlling where and how your crew tackles each challenge. Ruthless monsters and traps will be around every corner: Take your time and plan each move carefully to keep those Molecats smiling. Of course, finding the exit with both goodies and limbs intact is great – but stay on the lookout for achievements, secondary goals, unlockables, secret levels, and more. You never know what you’ll dig up underground.

Molecats will be available on Steam as a full release Tuesday, Aug. 28 or $12.99.

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