Dungeon crawler Tangledeep is coming to the Nintendo Switch next year.

Party Planet is a compilation of 30 party games coming this December to Nintendo Switch.

Can you solve the Traveling Salesman Problem?

Tencent's next mobile game, a puzzler called San Giorli, is set to release onto the App Store very soon.

The indie-made puzzle game Glyphs Apprentice is now available for PC via Steam.

Combo Breaker's upcoming sports title, Sociable Soccer, is coming to Steam Early Access in mid-October.

On Oct. 11, two vehicles from the Fast & Furious movies are being added to Rocket League as downloadable content.

Independent video game publisher Versus Evil, in partnership with independent developer Tuatara Games, have released Let Them Come for Xbox One and PC/Mac.

Sekai Project announces a number of new titles at Anime Weekend Atlanta.

Citadale: The Legends Trilogy borrows a lot from the 8-bit games of yesteryear, but manages to make it it's own.

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