Thrill (ride) seekers don't have to wait any longer to make their own digital amusement park as Planet Coaster becomes available for PC.

Released Tuesday for Wii U by Rising Star Games is SteamWorld Collection, a two-for-one title that includes two games from developer Image & Form.

Following releases for PC and PlayStation 4, The Game Bakers' all boss fighter Furi  will be slashing its way onto Xbox One next month.

Two player-vs-player modes get added to mobile game Juggernaut Wars.

Bandai Namco moves up the release date of the upcoming 3DS exclusive Dragon Ball Fusions by nearly three weeks.

Punch Club smashes together a fighting-RPG game with 80's and 90's pop culture into a fun and addictive game.


Tripwire Interactive's gory action game Killing Floor 2 is set to release Nov. 18 for PC and PlayStation 4.

Gritfish's adorable puzzle game, Mallow Drops, is now available for Windows PC and Mac.

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