Capcom's visually striking action game, Ōkami HD, is now available for Nintendo Switch via the Nintendo eShop.

The latest entry in Capcom’s action RPG series, Monster Hunter: World, is now available for Windows PC via Steam.

White Wolf Games announces Vampire: The Masquerade - Heritage, a new board game based in the Vampire universe slated for release in late 2019.

Indie developer Fearem's new horror game, Daemonical, will be releasing via Steam on Aug. 15 and promises more than just the average demonic experience.

Wadjet Eye Games' latest release, an urban adventure computer game called Unavowed, is now available for Windows PC and Mac.

The open beta for Bandai Namco's Black Clover: Quartet Knights takes place in mid-August.

Toge Productions announces a 2019 release window for its barista simulator and visual novel, Coffee Talk, for Windows PC and Mac.

Curve Digital announced plans Wednesday to release Perfectly Paranormal’s whimsical behavioural comedy Manual Samuel on Nintendo Switch on Aug. 16th.

Idea Factory announces plans to release Megadimension Neptunia VIIR onto Steam for Windows PC.

A legendary vampire hunter and a fan-favorite villain are joining the sprawling cast of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate game.

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