In celebration of the release of Fate/EXTELLA on Nintendo Switch, XSEED Games also releases a new trailer for the game.

HB Studios' The Golf Club 2 has a nice swing and nearly birdies this one.

An open beta session is forthcoming for Bandai Namco's Gundam Versus on PlayStation 4.

The indie-made comedy RPG West of Loathing is scheduled to come out via Steam on Aug. 10.

If you don't prefer digital for your computer-based .hack games, check this out.

Take another look at the upcoming action RPG.

If you can't find a SNES Classic this holiday, try one of these.

For the first time ever, Kalypso Media is showing PS4 gameplay footage of Sudden Strike 4.

HyperX unveils a pair of new alloy mechanical gaming computer keyboards.

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