DJ Avicii's new rhythm game launches for PS4

DJ Avicii's new rhythm game launches for PS4 HELLO THERE GAMES

Do you have the beat?  A new rhythm-based game called Invector is now available on PlayStation 4 from Hello There Games made in partnership with Superstar DJ/Producer Tim Bergling (better known as Avicii).

The game contains a library of 22 of Avicii’s songs including favorites such as "Levels" and newly-released tracks from his latest EP: 'AVĪCI', featuring “Lonely Together” and “Without You”.  Furthermore, the game features visuals inspired from those found at Avicii’s live shows.  The game also supports both solo play and local split-screen action for two players.

“It’s taken 2 years of development and now Invector is finally here," says Bergling.  "It’s going to be a brand-new way to experience my music.  As a dedicated gamer, I really feel excited to be a part of creating a new game for the market."

Invector tells the story of Stella, a happy-go-lucky Collector Pilot H45H1M voiced by American artist Maya Tuttle (Marvel Avengers Academy).  Her mission is to gather colorful fragments spread across the universe and it's supposed to be quite the wild ride as she ventures from from one stunning planet to the next as it immerses players into the game's soundtrack.

“It’s a fantastic feeling to finally release Invector," says Oskar Eklund, CEO of Hello There Games.  "We’re really hoping players will take it to heart and love it as much as we do."

Invector is exclusive to PlayStation 4.

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