LGBTQ video games exhibit to open in Berlin

LGBTQ video games exhibit to open in Berlin GEEKNIFTY

There's soon to be something new that gamers can take pride in as the Schwules Museum in Berlin, Germany, plans to open an LGBTQ video game exhibit this December.

Called "Rainbow Arcade," the exhibit celebrates and educates about queer history of video games and it's said to be the first of its kind.  Temple University’s Dr. Adrienne Shaw is serving as a curator in her role as the founder of the LGBTQ Video Game Archive. 

“Most historical games exhibits focus on the major milestones of the mainstream games industry, this will be the first time queer games history will be front and center ,” says Klein College of Media and Communication Professor Dr. Shaw.

The exhibit is set to feature a wide variety of materials spanning more than three decades of history.  Included are playable titles, concept drawings, fan-made game mods, and documentations of online communities.  The exhibition as a whole explores contemporary questions of representation in popular culture, as well as stereotypical and discriminatory narratives in entertainment media and culture.   “Rainbow Arcade” asks how social progress has been reflected in video games and if major progress exists in regards of LGBTIQ representation in entertainment media.

“The digital nature of this medium and fan communities means that a lot of recent history has either been lost or is hard to find," says Dr. Shaw.  "Web domains close down and overtime software is no longer compatible with new hardware.  This exhibit will bring to light the fact that LGBTIQ people have always been a part of gaming.”
The exhibition will be accompanied by an extensive educational program that involves international developers, artists, and researchers.

"Rainbow Arcade” is a cooperation between Schwules Museum, the LGBTQ Game Archive, Computerspielemuseum Berlin, and Temple University in Philadelphia.

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