Retro arcade shooter 'Tempest 4000' to release mid-July

An in-game screenshot from 'Tempest 4000'. An in-game screenshot from 'Tempest 4000'. ATARI

An arcade classic return as a wholly new game when Atari releases Tempest 4000 later this month on PS4, Xbox One, and Windows PC.

Says Atari:

Tempest 4000 sees the return of legendary game designer Jeff Minter for a faithful and thrilling sequel nearly two decades in the making! The powerful Claw spacecraft returns, fully equipped to destroy deadly creatures and other obstructions with rapid-fire shots on vibrant geometric prisms. A healthy dose of neon colors and fast-paced shooter gameplay set to an adrenaline-pumping techno soundtrack awaits existing fans and new audiences in this collaborative love-letter project from Minter and Atari!

Tempest 4000 is rated 'E for Everyone" by the ESRB and will be available for purchase on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One for $29.99 (USD) and on Steam for Windows PC for $19.99 (USD). 

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