'World of Warships: Legends' console closed beta to begin in late December

An in-game scene from 'World of Warships: Legends'. An in-game scene from 'World of Warships: Legends'. WARGAMING

Wargaming is prepping World of Warships: Legends to enter closed beta on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 with the first beta weekend beginning on Dec. 21, 2018.

Says Wargaming:

For the Beta, a contingent of Legendary Commanders will be available to helm vessels like the mighty Iowa and the magnificent Amagi. The Commanders will bring a varied and personalized approach to combat, with each instilling their own strengths, skills, and strategies to the ships at their command. Players can look forward to fighting with the heroic US admiral Norman Scott, the Japanese tactician Isoroku Yamamoto, and many more.

Console gamers who are interested in participating in the closed beta can sign up to do so at https://wowslegends.com.  Those who do so will be rewarded with special in-game content at launch.

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