Review: 'Warhammer Quest' (PS4)

Review: 'Warhammer Quest' (PS4) CHILLED MOUSE

A few years ago, Warhammer Quest came out on Steam. We reviewed it and found it to be pretty good. Now it's ported over to the consoles. Ports can be tricky and, in Warhammer Quest's case, the port (to say the least) had issues. As for the game itself? Well...

I'm not going to factor in the story in the grade, because by now, Warhammer Quest is pretty well known. You go from dungeon to dungeon defeating the baddies, strategizing skill, movement, attacks and turns to win and get through to each new area/city. You need to beat everything who wants to kill you, and yeah, you do. It's the standard turn-based fantasy game with Warhammer characters and creatures. I wasn't disappointing, but I also wasn't surprised.

What DID disappoint me was the controls. I usually don't have to say too much about them, but the controls were off. This was a game created in mind for computers, not the console. You need to click and point quickly, and with a controller it came off as awkward and jerky. I needed to constantly remind myself to click on the character I wanted to do the attacking or another one of the several steps it took. I know it sounds a bit easy NOT to get wrong, but it was obviously made for a mouse. It does get easier too. But I never got completely used to it.

This is a top down game, so the graphics are going to be a lot more flat. I do have to say that it looks pretty great. Dungeons do have a lot of copy/paste areas to them, but unlike, say, bigger games like, say, The Elder Scrolls, they try and vary it. A block of the ground might have stone blocks with a bit of one pried out, but it won't repeat moving forward – they'll move it around and make it more natural. It's a nice touch. It also has the right mix of cartoony (some of the enemies dying clearly look like 3D version of TV cartoon villains) and real (the dungeon designs). My only negative is some of the natural effects – the 'natural' lighting looks blurry in some places. But other than that, from the extremely old-timey detailed maps to the characters, look great. Movements can be blocky and the same each time, but hey, it's turn based.

Gameplay here is typical turn based behavior. Some characters, if you hit someone, you get an extra attack, etc. for special moves, but genrally you do your stuff, then the enemy, and so on. For me it got a little tiring after awhile because my characters were getting so ridiculously good that, as a squad, they could take down anyone. It was like my 4 man group of the inglorious bastards. The mechanics, like the different attacks, are what makes it challenging. You would think sword/swinging weapons front with ranged/magic supporting in the back would be effective, but the game takes advantage of that sometimes, so you need to re-strategize. It's an interesting attribute. It's samey, but at the same time, still challenging when it wants to be.

Accompanying the game is some pretty good music. It's kinda generic epic/fantasy, like a toned down Lord of the Rings, but it gives a good score in which you want to fight in. Sounds are a little more generic as every attack will sound the same each time. It's turn based, so there isn't a need for a wide variance, but it did get bland at points when I did attack after attack that looked and sounded the same. And the footsteps characters made do get a bit annoying because it seemed a bit out of place for them to be that loud. Sound and music were overall pretty good though.

I didn't come across any major issues, controls notwithstanding. No major bugs were encountered, and the frame rate was good. Sometimes it took a teensy bit longer to load than I thought, but it wasn't bad. It was a smooth game, and ran exactly how it was supposed to.

Like other ports, this would have been much better if a little more care went into the port. PC to console isn't always an easy transition, but Warhammer Quest made it clear that it was a PC game that just so happened to be running on the PS4. That, and the feeling of being generic and samey is keeping this from top marks. HOWEVER – it's still and excellent turn based game, especially when you realize just how smart it can be at some points. It's fun and addictive and also challenging and epic-feeling. It might be better to get it on the PC, but on console it's fun too – just keep in mind of the short comings it has too.

Final Score: 7.7 out of 10

A copy of this game was provided for the purpose of review.

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