Karma. Incarnation 1 delivers a tired storyline and polarizing graphics, but it's also fantastic gaming elements and smooth gaming adventure on the PC.


GeekNifty checks out the RapidX Ferrino chair, a gaming chair that isn't (but dang is it comfortable).

A unique spin on well-worn genre keeps Trillion: God of Destruction playable on Steam.


An adventure that isn't exactly epic, but is enjoyable nonetheless.

Mafia III is out and it is an incredible (if repetitive) experience.

Neptune and her friends go zombie hunting in a game that sometimes makes you wish you were (un)dead.

For those who like a challenge, Primordia is a great point-and-click adventure.  For those who don't, well...

We review the free-to-play mobile game Age of Heroes: Conquest on iPhone.

Clustertruck is a simple, yet addictive, game with one goal in mind: Keep jumping between those trucks.

A decent roguelike gets marred by uninteresting combat.

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