E3 2017: 'Star Wars Battlefront II' First Impressions

Star Wars Battlefront II logo. Star Wars Battlefront II logo. GEEKNIFTY

The biggest game for EA at E3 this year, judging by the hype and lines, was Star Wars Battlefront II. At E3, Battlefront II showed off an impressive array of characters, lands and play types spanning across the entire series. It's truly stunning to see it in such detail. Naboo alone was pretty, and if you didn't like Episode I, you can watch in glee as it burns. Oh yeah, and if you hate the new series? Blast them with characters from an older one!

But it goes beyond the visuals and characters – it also goes into gameplay, which varies from running, to taking over machines, to flying. Many other games have attention to detail, but to the degree Star Wars Battlefront II has it is unprecedented, at least for a Star Wars game.

Also, when EA announced that all DLC was free, judging by the cheers, it sounded like it was tolling for a new era. You can tell the game had gamers and fans in mind when they were making it. They even added a single-player mode, which in a growing age of multiplayer and Twitch, is a welcome return to what made games good in the first place.

There's way too much good stuff to ignore – Star Wars is making it known that it's back in the video game market (the PS4, Xbox One and PC) with a vengeance with Battlefront II.

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