AOC, Porsche team up for new series of monitors

AOC, Porsche team up for new series of monitors AOC

Display company AOC has teamed up with luxury auto giant Porsche on a new line of computer monitors featuring an almost frameless IPS panel, an asymmetrical metal stand, and ultra-slim, premium design.

AOC says the monitors' design philosophy behind these monitors was inspired by the principals of Ferdinand Alexander Porsche.

His approach was “If you analyze the function of an object, its form often becomes obvious.” In its purest sense, a monitor is just a screen. But the screen is meant to provide a beautiful visual experience, and that experience is often marred by unsightly cables hanging down from the monitor’s ports. The new AOC PDS series revolutionizes the traditional approach to monitor design.

Henning Rieseler, Head of Studio F. A. Porsche Berlin, agrees, stating, “The expressive shape of the monitor stand emphasizes the simple idea of integrating the cables into the stand.  The form not only follows the function, but celebrates it through its asymmetrical shape in an elegant and sophisticated way.”

With the first modular input/output design on a monitor, the 24" PDS241 and 27" PDS271 combine power and HDMI outputs into a single cable coming out of the stand itself, adding to its beautiful minimalist design.  Underneath their outstanding appearances, their full HD IPS panels provide great performance enhanced with AOC SuperColor Technology, which augments the color spectrum to cover a wider color range and provide viewing angles of 178°.  AOC says that the monitors cover 100 percent of the sRGB and 90 percent of the NTSC color spaces.  The PDS series is also equipped with AOC’s LowBlue Mode and FlickerFree technologies, which is designed to provide a healthy and enjoyable viewing experience even during long periods of use.

Both monitors are already available and cost $199 and $249, respectively.

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