Korean free-to-play FPS game 'Ironsight' coming Stateside next year

An in-game screenshot from 'Ironsight'. An in-game screenshot from 'Ironsight'. WIPLE GAMES

The South Korean PC shooter Ironsight is officially making its way to North America and Europe with an English-language release in early 2018.

Ironsight is set in 2025 as armed forces and private military companies wage war over Earth’s few remaining natural resources.  Developer Wiple Games says the game is designed to be a new breed of shooter.  It features dynamic online action and utilizing Wiple Games’ in-house toolset, the Iron Engine.

The game offers 'lifelike action" in which teamwork and tactics are the key to victory.  Opposing teams will be able to take one another on fourteen different maps that feature iconic real-world global landmarks and various weather conditions. Ironsight will also offer a variety of game modes such as "Search & Destroy", "Team Deathmatch" and "Domination".   Players can also play in a selection of co-op modes, having the choice between "Last Man Standing" and "Team Deathmatch” against AI opponents. 

Ironsight is more than a first person shooter and offers many different tactical aspects that we believe western audiences will love,” says Gilseop Song, CEO of Wiple Games.  “We are delighted to have found gamigo AG as publishing partner for Ironsight and look forward to the release and to further enhance the game based on feedback from the shooter community.”

Publisher Gamigo AG has acquired the publishing rights for the game and looks to deliver the game’s take on the first-person-shooter experience to western audiences in early 2018 for Windows PC.  Before the game's western launch, interested players can sign-up for the November Ironsight closed beta at www.ironsightgame.com.

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