'Star​ Traders:​ Frontiers' hits Steam Early Access

An in-game screenshot from 'Star Traders: Frontiers'. An in-game screenshot from 'Star Traders: Frontiers'. TRESE BROTHERS GAMES

Now available via Steam Early Access for PC, Star Traders: Frontiers is the next installment in Trese Brothers Games’ Star Traders series.

The game features a ​rich,​ ​open​ ​universe for players to discover.  This includes seemlingly​ ​endless​ ​procedurally-generated​ ​galactic​ ​maps, interesting​ ​characters,​ and fearsome enemies.  There are more than 300 upgrades that players can make to their ship and a diverse crew that can be assembled complete with personality traits, history, job, and talents.

“With Star Traders: Frontiers, we’re trying to translate the epic feel of the ‘space operas’ we all know and love to a solid, thrilling role-playing game," says Trese Brothers Games co-founder Andrew Trese.  "Filling a game with lore and player agency is easier said than done, but I think what we have so far is quite special.”

Star Traders: Frontiers is now be playable via Steam Early Access for Windows PC, Mac, and Linux machines.

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