Enhance shows new PC gaming peripherals at CES 2018

Enhance shows new PC gaming peripherals at CES 2018 ACCESSORY POWER

Enhance Gaming, a division of Accessory Power, shows off not only its latest PC gaming peripherals, but a couple of prototypes as well during CES 2018.

Most notable in Enhance Gaming's line of 2018 peripherals is the company's Theorem MOBA gaming mouse.  Designed for competitive play in MOBA, FPS, and strategy games, the Theorem features 19 fully programmable buttons (12 underneath the thumb), a precision 16400 DPI laser sensor with instant dpi adjustment, and a full software suit that supports as many as six different profiles.  To go along with the mouse is the company's flashy new color-selectible Enhance LED mousepad.  Sporting a rigid surface, the mousepad is expected out in the near future.

On the audio side, Accessory Power showed a couple of LED-lit 2.0 and 2.1 speaker systems as well as a pair of vibrating headsets -- one in-ear and the other featuring more traditional over-ear cans.

And as for those prototypes, a new gaming keyboard is in the works that looks and feels like a mechanical keyboard without actually being one.  Rather, it uses optical sensors to tell what keys are being pressed and when.  The company says this lets the keyboard have a much faster response time than traditional mechanical keyboard that rely on actuator switches.  Accessory Power also exhibited an early prototype for a mouse-and-mousepad ensemble that features an oversized pad that has an induction charger built in for its accompanying gaming mouse.  A prototype LED-lit USB hub with built-in was also shown

You can see a number of the above-mentioned items in Accessory Power's Enhance Gaming line and learn a bit more about them from Accessory Power themselves in the below video.

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