Razer's Sather details the new Project Linda prototype

Razer's Sather details the new Project Linda prototype RAZER

Last year, Razer made waves at CES with Project Valerie.  In fact, the three-display gaming laptop prototype won "Best of CES."  This year, the company is hoping to be repeat winners with a new type of laptop, the Razer Phone powered Project Linda.

Also a prototype and still very much in development, Project Linda is an ultra-portable 13.3" notebook that turns the 5.7" Razer Phone into a full-fledged gaming laptop.  When docked, the phone acts as the device's touchpad.  Currently, the phone's display gets brought onto the laptop's screen with the phone going dark.  Razer says they are working on a way to support dual display between the two devices when docked together.  Like the screen, the phone also shares its performance and audio with Project Linda.  The whole idea is to have the two products work seamlessly together.

"What we wanted to do was take advantage of all the power of the phone but add some convenient interfaces such as a built-in keyboard or a larger display," says Razer Director of Product Marketing Kevin Sather.  "The idea really was to take our stealth chassis and modify that in a way that the phone would be seamlessly integrated into it and the phone drives the entire experience."

Some might be thinking that Project Linda is nothing more than a shell.  Those people are what others tend to refer to as wrong.  More than just a laptop-like shell for the Razer Phone, Project Linda not only charges the phone when docked, but also boasts 200GB of internal storage.  That storage means that it can house apps locally, as well as media, games, and act as as offline phone backup.

For those interested in getting their hands on Project Linda, there may be a bit of a wait.  Razer currently has no plans to release it to the public.  At least, not yet.  The reason?  They're still working on it.

"We're really looking to get feedback from users," Sather explains.  "We want to understand what features they would want from this device -- how would they use it in their daily life -- it really gives us the information we need to refine the product and hopefully bring it to the market some time in the future."

Until then, gamers and Razer fans alike will have to admire it from a far and say "¡Muy Linda!"

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