'Fishing: Barents Sea' launches for PC

Computer game 'Fishing: Barents Sea' features dynamic day/night and weather cycles. Computer game 'Fishing: Barents Sea' features dynamic day/night and weather cycles. MISC GAMES

It's time to set to sea and go on a fishing adventure in the newly-released computer game, Fishing: Barents Sea.

A simulation game by the Norwegian developer team Misc Games, Fishing: Barents Sea is powered by Unreal Engine 4 and invites players to explore the impressive Barents Sea and its abundance of maritime life on board of six authentic ships.  Players will get the chance to move around freely on their fishing boats across a huge open world map, which has been modeled after real areas in Northern Norway.  While there, they'll go in search of the best fishing zones for cod, mackerel, redfish, and more.  Their quest will be supported by the electronic catch control systems of license partner Scanmar AS, which will help them track down the continuously moving schools of fish.

The adventure begins in the northernmost city of Norway, Hammerfest.  That's where players will take over a small fishing boat named Børge and cast off for their first fishing expedition.  After a profitable day at sea, the virtual skippers can head to one of the game's numerous ports.  The ports offer a variety of gameplay choices: they can accept new fishing missions, hire crew, and restock their supplies.  They may also need to repair and refuel their ships or upgrade them with better equipment to go faster and further.  The game also features dynamic day, night, and moon cycles, as well as changing seasons, weather, and sea conditions that are all based on real data of the region from the last 20 years.

Technophiles will welcome the official cooperation of Fishing: Barents Sea with its two license partners, Scanmar AS and Hermes AS.  Misc Games says this is "one of the game’s absolute highlights."  Scanmar AS, one of the pioneers in the field of electronic catch control systems for the professional use in the fishing industry, provides the virtual vessels’ equipment, while the Norwegian fishing company Hermes AS offers them the realistic model of its impressive deep-sea trawler.

Fishing: Barents Sea is available at retail and as a digital download.

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