Permadeth game 'Depth of Extinction' launches soon for PC/Mac/Linux

Permadeth game 'Depth of Extinction' launches soon for PC/Mac/Linux HOS STUDIOS

HOF Studios’ sharp turn-based strategy game with roguelike elements, Depth of Extinction, is launching Thursday, Sept. 27.

The game was inspired by XCOM 2 and FTL: Faster Than Light.  It allows players to handpick fighters from a roster of hardened operatives and battle against vicious factions and killer machines in defense of mankind.  Venture into a terrifying underwater world rife with violence in this complex, addictive strategy game with real permadeath and pixel art.  Furthermore, the game features eight character classes and 115 different weapons, armor, and items. 

HOF Studio's explanation of the game:

Thousands of years ago, an unknown calamity plunged civilization as we know it to the bottom of what is now a vast ocean. As the waters rose, those who survived the event formed a new society known as the “Creators” and rebuilt the human population – producing advanced technology to better suit their needs. However, as eons passed, the Creators faded from existence – leaving behind remnants of their civilization and their technology. 

With the seas more uncertain than ever, mankind has split into multiple factions – including “The Republic,” who used the machines left behind by the Creators and became the most stable faction while the others favored violence instead. However, these machines started to fail them – and the population grew wary of the future. With rumors of killer machines or worsein faraway seas, humanity’s only chance at survival is to venture out into the unknown.

Depth of Extinction will be available on Steam (PC, Mac, and Linux) Sept. 27 for $17.99 – a 10% discount.  The game will return to its original price of $19.99 on October 4.

Depth of Extinction will also be available on, GOG, and the Humble Store.

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