New AOC gaming PC monitors inbound

New AOC gaming PC monitors inbound AOC

AOC releases a pair of new 24” Agon computer monitors with three more on the way.

Currently available are the AG241QX (24-inch Class Adaptive-Sync) and the AG241QG (24-inch Class NVidia G-SYNC) monitors.  Both feature QHD resolution and a 1ms response time.  The AG241QG comes with 165Hz, NVidia G-SYNC technology and NVidia ULMB, whereas the AG241QX differentiates itself by having 144Hz and Adaptive-Sync technology.  AOC says that both monitors are made for highly competitive gamers.  The AG241QX and the AG241QG are available at Amazon for $499 and $699 respectively.

AOC's other three displays will be releasing "soon" and include the AG271UG, a 27-inch NVIDIA G-Sync Gaming Monitor with 4K resolution and rapid 4ms response time ($799.99 – Available late March); the AG352UCG, a 35-inch Curved NVIDIA G-Sync Gaming Monitor that features a small 2000mm curvature radius and a 3440 x 1440 pixel resolution ($999.99 – Available late March); and the 240Hz AG251FZ ($499.99 – Available in May).

Because AOC designs the Agon monitors for competitive gamers, they feature eye-protecting the company's ficker-free technology designed to reduce eye strain, discomfort, and fatigue during long gaming sessions.  The AG241QX Adaptive-Sync model goes beyond this with its Low Blue Light mode, designed to reduce adverse short wavelength blue light while preserving color quality.

Additional gaming features of the AG241QX includes low input lag, shadow control, and AOC's game mode presets on the special Qwick Switch KeyPad.  The company's low input lag mode disables picture post-processing on the monitor’s electronics and, as a result, accelerates the command pass-through from mouse, keyboard, and gamepad.  AOC's shadow control provides quick contrast adjustment for a better view of pinpointed areas, as to not jeopardize the already well-balanced screen areas.  As for the AOC Settings KeyPad, it allows users to easily switch between modes and adjust brightness, contrast, and other monitor features.

Finally, the AOC's Agon series features ergonomic bases designed so that users can easily adjust height, tilt, and swivel.  The movements are marked by a scale to make it easier for users to move to and from their preferred settings.  The stand is also equipped with a carry-handle for easy transportation of the monitor to and from eSports events.  There is also a headphone holder at the side of the display to support the headset when it’s not in use.

AOC is one of the world’s largest manufacturer of LCD/LED monitors and HDTVs.

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