Review: 'Blast Out' (PC)

Review: 'Blast Out' (PC) TARHEAD STUDIO

I’m told that Blast Out is really fun. I wouldn’t know.

One of the downsides with playing a game while it’s in early access is that there are no guarantees you’ll find enough people for multiplayer matches. And when your game is based entirely around multiplayer, that can be a huge problem.

Blast Out is a top-down brawler where teams of two players each sling spells and attacks at each other until the other team is gone. There are also environmental hazards like lava pools and poison clouds that you can use to your advantage by knocking your opponents into them.

Options are limited at the moment for characters (you have a red panda, an owl, a chimpanzee, and a bear guy with tusks), but every single outfit, accessory, and skin looks fantastic. And while each character has base options for how they’re supposed to be played (e.g. the red panda is the sneaky rogue while the bear guy functions as a tank), the ability mods that come with each accessory are detailed enough to let you mold each character to fit your play style.

In theory, you also have the option to do the same with weapons and abilities, but I never got to see it work in person.

Blast Out relies entirely on player vs. player matches. But because the game is in early access, there isn’t anyone to play with.

Worse, there’s no tutorial, nor any other section in the game where you can test out your abilities. You can’t even see the weapons and abilities screen unless you’re matched to a game.

I spent a week trying to find matches. It became a daily routine of waiting 30+ minutes for a game to start with no luck. So as of this writing, I’ve seen plenty of menu screens, but I’ve never actually played the game.

It’s a real shame too - I’ve seen footage of the game online, and I love the cartoon aesthetic. Everything has its own personality, from the stages to the character designs, and even the abilities. 

From what I can gather, Blast Out appears to have the fundamentals down for game mechanics, and could potentially be a great brawler once it’s finished. But it’s light on content at the moment, and it’s unlikely you’ll actually be able to play the game at all unless you have a group of friends to play with. 

The developers need to find a way to re-engage their community of players, or find ways to make the game playable outside of multiplayer. Otherwise, it’s probably best to give this game a pass until it gets a proper release.

Final score: Incomplete

A copy of this game was provided for the purpose of review.

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