E3 gameplay footage released of 'Mirage: Arcane Warfare'

E3 gameplay footage released of 'Mirage: Arcane Warfare' TORN BANNER STUDIOS

Game creator Torn Banner Studios took to the stage Monday during this year's E3 PC Gaming Show to present a fresh look at the intense combat scenarios of their new game Mirage: Arcane Warfare.

As a part of the PC Gaming Show presentation, Mr. Piggott went into deeper detail on how the game’s combat encounters can break down, focusing on two character classes that haven’t been demoed in detail yet: the defensive-minded Vigilist, who throws out a projectile shield and has unrivalled melee reach with her spear; and the Tinker, who lays explosive mines and employs a long-range grapple. These and the other character classes - and the ways players will learn to use their specific skills upon each other - are part of what makes Mirage: Arcane Warfare’s combat such an engaging experience.

Check out the video:

Mirage: Arcane Warfare will be available on PC in Fall of 2016 for $30 on Steam.

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