'Kingdom Hearts III' characters to star in anti-bullying campaign

'Kingdom Hearts III' characters to star in anti-bullying campaign SQUARE-ENIX

Sora, Donald, Goofy, and more Kingdom Hearts characters will be starring in anti-bullying PSAs thanks to a new partnership between Square-Enix and The Ad Council.

Marking the first time in that The Ad Council has featured video game characters in one of its campaign, the new PSA features footage from the new Kingdom Hearts III  video game and reiterates the message "that because of you, someone’s day, year or life can change forever."

Check it out:

“At its core, the Kingdom Hearts series is about the power of friendship and helping those in need in order to overcome darkness,” said Brendan Docherty, Sr. Manager, Product Marketing at Square Enix.  “The Kingdom Hearts story is filled with characters overcoming trials and tribulations through friends helping and supporting each other in tough times.  We thought these themes matched very well with the valuable life lesson of the Because of You campaign.”

featuring heroes and villains from Disney’s Frozen, Disney•Pixar’s Toy Story, and more, the new creative is being distributed to media outlets nationwide and will run in donated time and space per the Ad Council’s model.

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