'Moero Chronicle Hyper' coming to Switch in April

'Moero Chronicle Hyper' coming to Switch in April IDEA FACTORY INT'L

Idea Factory's Moero Chronicle Hyper is coming to Nintendo Switch on April 26.

The game was originally released as Moero Chronicle in Japan and Asia on the PlayStation Vita, followed by a Western release in 2017 on Steam.  It's a dungeon-crawling RPG that begs the question: “How cute can a monster be?”  In it, players will fight through dungeons, recruit monster girls, and build relationships with them in order to solve the mystery afflicting the denizens of the land of Monstopia.

On Switch, the game will be remastered into HD with added vibration functions, new in-game items, an auto-pilot mode, and all original art and events.

Moero Chronicle Hyper on Nintendo Switch is rated "M for Mature" by the ESRB.

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