Dating sim 'Just Deserts' receives late July release date

An in-game image from 'Just Deserts'. An in-game image from 'Just Deserts'. SEKAI PROJECT

Just Deserts, a military-themed dating sim being published by Sekai Project, is scheduled for release in late July.

Releasing via Steam for PC on July 25, Just Deserts puts players into the combat boots of a soldier who must defend Aquarine City.  The location has fallen under attack by a mysterious and violent race of aliens and the player is assigned to a troop of highly-skilled and dangerously captivating girls as they set out to save humankind and capture the heart of their dream girl(s) in the process.

Sekai Project says the dating sim has "a wide spectrum of fun activities to engage in, a robust management system, hundreds of in-game items to use and collect, mini battles, and more."

The game features five heroines with full English voice acting for each heroine.  There is also a management system with energy, health, money, day/night time, and love status.  Furthermore, there are seven different endings based on the player's status with each of the heroines.

Just Deserts supports three in-game languages (English, Indonesian, and Japanese) and a soundtrack composed by Ecky from the Vesuvia Circle.  Steam trading cards and achievements are also supported.

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