It can be a lovely planet…. at least when you’re not shooting everything in sight.

Author Brett Weiss does not disappoint in the second in his two-book series cataloging the Super Nintendo and its games.

Masquerada is a mixed bag, but with spectral horse attacks how bad can it be?

There are wizard dogs and talking cakes in this game (and it only goes up from there!)

The 2007 classic gets n HD upgrade with players who speak. And a lot of birds.

The 3D space puzzler does a lot of right things, but it has a camera with a mind of its own.

'Beyond the Veil' is worth the sale, but it isn’t also without fail.

Every 2D platformer game smashes together in 'Peanut', but it has no glue to keep it together.

Even super powered underwear can’t power up this game too much.

'Gensokyo Defenders' manages to defend against every enemy in the book, but can’t defend itself.

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