A Hat in Time shows modern day platformers how to do it right.

Riskers brings the good and bad of top-down gaming onto Steam.

Blast Out is a top-down brawler where teams of two players each sling spells and attacks at each other until the other team is gone.

Party Hard Tycoon ditches the killer and goes for making an empire of making crazy parties.

Crash is back and just as good as ever in Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy.

Hand of Fate 2 builds upon the original, but also struggles in a few areas of the game.

 A modern space shooter that pays its respects to the classics.

Beat the Game looks and sounds great.....and not much else.

Numantia has a unique setting and plays well as a turn based strategy game, but falls when it comes to innovation and graphics.

Glyphs: Apprentice brings the power of puzzles to a mystical setting.

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