Battle Princess Madelyn faces an evil wizard and an even more dire threat – nostalgia.

For those who thought Dark Souls needed a cartoony look, may we present Salt and Sanctuary?

Mage's Initiation is a well made (but average) game.

Aftercharge doesn't hit the sky, but it sure does reach for it.

Vane is for the birds. Some of the time. But there are still birds.

Miscreated lives up to it's name and falls short of being a good game.

Ancient Frontier: Steel Shadows boldly goes where most space games have gone before.

Quantum Replica decides to take every part of itself from somewhere else, leaving nothing original.

It's a realistic look into the job of a 911 operator. And, perhaps, it's a bit too realistic.

LEGO Harry Potter Collection brings back the series to new consoles, but it doesn't update it enough.

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