E3 2017: 'FIFA 18' First Impressions

E3 2017: 'FIFA 18' First Impressions GEEKNIFTY / EVAN SYMON

FIFA games can be hard to judge year to year. Except for a new gimmick or two and updated teams, it's the same basic principle. But, as EA showed at the E3 EA Play, it's keeping up what made it great, and expanded on what made FIFA 17 unique. Namely the Alex Hunter storyline.

I played the beginning of it, and it picks off right where the story ended last time. Alex is 18 now, and a superstar. But when big teams offer him to play for them, he needs to make a decision between teams, loyalties and what it means to be an athlete. I only played a match or two in to the Hunter storyline, but it was an amazing start.

Even with the Frostbite Engine making a stunning game, FIFA 18 keeps the same controls it had for years. I briefly played FIFA 12 a few days before (reasons aren't important) and it's exactly the same. I got right into the game no problem. Somehow the engine still does that annoying thing where the player has to run to the corner for a celebration animatic, but that can be forgiven.

From the FIFA 18 preview at E3, it keeps what's good, improves graphics, expands on an excellent storyline and generally keeps up the quality we are used to at this point. It's coming out on the PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Switch, and it should be a must for any soccer fan. The storyline of a player deciding through their home team and a big team is also important in an era of free agency in sports all over, and can boost up the drama.

Honestly? Even video game fans who hate sports should be excited in the potential.

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