E3 2017: 'Madden 18' First Impressions

E3 2017: 'Madden 18' First Impressions GEEKNIFTY / EVAN SYMON

Madden really needs no introduction – it's the most popular sports game in the world this side of FIFA, and has been honed down over the years into what works (realistic playbooks, detailed stadiums, fun relocation scenarios, etc.) and what doesn't (A 'Tebowing' option). Madden 18 on the PS4 and Xbox One takes all that and produced yet another stellar game.

Teams have been updated, and in some cases, uniforms and stadiums. In the regular game, not much has changed. In fact, it looks almost carbon copied from last year. But don't break what isn't broken, right? Controls are exactly how they were in years past, so it's an easy pick-up.

What they have added is the story mode. Just like with FIFA and Alex Hunter's journey, Madden gives us Longshot. A kid from Texas, Devin Wade, is coming up in the draft, and you play as him on the way up. From what I saw at the booth, it looks incredible. EA has finally found a way to pull you into the games. Sure, it's like Friday Night Lights minus the terrible music and plus a few pro players (Dan Marino is this kid's mentor. Lucky, lucky kid), but it pulled you in. I didn't want to stop playing it. It really gave a good Texas atmosphere and what football really means down there, like FIFA did with soccer in England.

If it was like Madden games of the past without a story mode, it would be given a straight “good job”. But with story mode, and keeping with some of the options that makes the player anywhere from the team punter to the owner/GM (I cannot wait to relocate the Chargers or Rams back to their respective homes in the game for a franchise mode), Madden 18 deserves the hype it's getting.  Players in line said they haven't played Madden in years, and in coming out, they were asking when they could pre-order.  It's a special game that does that, especially one in a long series.

It's only E3, but right now, Madden 18 is looking like it's best in years.

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