MSI brings new tech to CES 2018

MSI brings new tech to CES 2018 VERGE

MSI, the Taiwanese gaming hardware company, has launched several new products at CES this year. They include:

Trident 3 Arctic:

The Trident 3 Arctic now has an upgraded Intel 8th Generation processor and NVIDIA GTX 1080 graphics card, and was awarded a “Best of Innovation at Gaming” award at CES.

Z370 GODLIKE GAMING motherboard:

A CES 2018 Innovation Award Honoree, the Z370 comes with a variety of features. The Killer xTend combines a built-in switch with wireless extender, allowing for traffic prioritization, and fast internet. It also supports Triple Turbo M.2 with M.2 Shield V2, Turbo U.2 with Steel Armor and has an Xtreme Audio DAC with Nahimic 2 to deliver breathtaking sound quality. The Z370 has four available slots for DDR4 RAM with Steel Armor. Steel Armor keeps the DIMM slots shielded to protect DDR4 modules and deliver pure data signals for the best gaming and overclocking performance. It also supports multiple GPUs via NIVIDIA SLI or AMD CrossFire, with optimal slot placement for the best possible airflow.

GTX 1080TI Lightning Graphics Card:

The GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Lightning Z brings overclocking potential to the desktop. It features a Tri-Frozr thermal design, using three award-winning TORX 2.0 fans with double ball bearings. In addition to the thermal design, the Lighting Z uses close quarters heat pipe cooling. The heat pipes are infused into the Close Quarters Heatsink and Backplate for greatly improved thermal performance. The Lightning Z is built with military class four components for maximum stability and quality.

Infinite X gaming desktop:

The Infinite X features a more traditional tower design than the Arctic, but uses either dual steel or dual tempered glass side panels, Mystic Light RGB LEDs, MSI’s graphics cards, Intel’s 8th Generation CPU and MSI’s Silent Storm Cooling 3 Pro liquid cooling.

Optix MPG27CQ gaming monitor: The new curved gaming monitor comes with a 144Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time, along with a 1440p WQHD screen. The Steel series Engine also will notify games of in-game timers or cool downs.

As for specs, the screen uses an anti-glare VA panel with 100 percent and 115 percent coverage of the NTSC and sRGB spectrums respectively. It features 2 HDMI (2.0) ports, 1 DisplayPort (1.2), 1 USB 3.0 Type B, an Earphone out port, Kensington Lock, 1 Mic in port, 1 audio combo jack and 2 USB 3.0 Type A ports. It also has an adjustable stand to maximize productivity and comfort and supports VESA mounting.

“MSI has been dedicated to the field of gaming and is highly acclaimed by gamers and eSports teams worldwide,” said Eric Kuo, MSI Vice President of Global Sales & Marketing. “We are honored to receive award recognition for these products and are excited to share them with gamers everywhere.”

Alongside its gaming laptops, MSI is launching an innovative new Gaming Mode, which gives users better performance, interactive backlighting and in-game optimizations for popular titles like PUBG.

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