'CrossCode' OST released by Materia Collective

'CrossCode' OST released by Materia Collective MATERIA COLLECTIVE

Composed by Deniz Akbulut, the original soundtrack to the indie game CrossCode is now available for download and streaming courtesy of Materia Collective.

Boasting a whopping 64 tracks, the CrossCode OST measures in at more than two hours of music.  Key tracks include "Lea!," the memorable leitmotif of the titular protagonist that is used throughout the entire score in many different styles and moods, "Welcome to CrossWords," the game's main theme which contains two different motives representing the world in CrossCode,  "Battle 3," a 90s-style jungle track paying homage to Japanese videogame music from the original PlayStation era, and "The Ultimate Experience," a battle theme inspired by progressive rock greats like Emerson, Lake & Palmer.

"I have worked on CrossCode's soundtrack for six years and working on it has taught me many things," reflects composer Deniz Akbulut.  "It shaped me into the composer I am right now.  Through it, I was able to understand the music I grew up with and evolve my own style that has its roots in Japanese videogame music.  I often tried to push myself to my limits and go out of my comfort zone to become a better composer and write better music.  I hope that these efforts have been worth it and that many people will enjoy CrossCode and its music! I tried my best to make an authentic sounding JRPG soundtrack."

 The CrossCode original soundtrack is now available in digital and limited edition CD formats via BandCamp, Spotify, and iTunes.

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