Review: 'Almost There: The Platformer' (PC)

Review: 'Almost There: The Platformer' (PC) STEAM

The most addictive games aren't giant worlds or rpgs. No, they're the type you can easily play on your phone or only require simple controls and directions. Almost There: The Platformer is this in spades.

You are a square. Before you is a series of platforms, climbs, and other obstacles, and only using your jump and grab abilities, you must get to the end. It's pretty simple – get from one end to the other. And like many games that do this and end on a 'star' rating (Angry Birds for example), it's highly addictive. That is the premise – being addictive. And kinda fun actually.

Controls are not hard. There are directionals, and buttons to jump and stay stuck to something. With a keyboard, you could play this game holding two pencils to press on keys and still play perfectly with practice. They're few and all you need.

The graphics are fairly simple. It's all square/pixels about, so there are dark blue lines, kind of a light blue floating background, and white squares. This is the kind of game that could have been made on Atari systems in the 80s with ease. That is until later levels with more intricate things like buzzsaws. Anyway, graphics are simple, but they do the job and don't look half bad. There's a little design to them, and the colors are pretty engaging.

I've already explained gameplay. Keep jumping around until you get to the end piece. Avoid obstacles. Don't die. Pretty simple really. It requires skill, planning, and dexterity, so don't expect a walk in the park – you do have to use your brain. But it's a 2D square jumper – simple yet effective.

The soundtrack has almost a club beat going on. It's the same one for several levels until you get to another group of levels. It's not techno or anything like that, but it is this electric clubby beat that keeps you going and want to succeed. It's addicting music, so it fits well with the game. Sounds are pretty basic, but with the music pumping all they become are good indicators. I thought it worked quite well. I mean, is it bad if I kinda want to use the music while driving at night?

I never really had any issues while playing. Frame rate was good because of few moving pieces parts. There weren't any glitches, because how the hell can you get mass chaos from a square moving about? All throughout, Almost There didn't have any issues.

Almost There: The Platformer isn't going to be known as an innovative game, but it's an addictive jumping/puzzle/reflex game that can be played with ease and is engaging enough to be addictive. I'd say give it a go, especially if you are a casual gamer. It will make commutes fly by, and for what it is, it's a solid little game.

Final Score: 9 out of 10

A copy of this game was provided for the purpose of review.

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