Mobile action MMORPG 'Tales of Wind' launches globally today

Promotional image. Promotional image. NEOCRAFT

Independent game developer Neocraft has announced the release of Tales of Wind, a new action MMORPG for mobile devices. Unrelated to the famed Tales series, this game places players in the land of Arlesdore, tasked with solving the mystery of the Calamity Lieges, powerful demons that have suddenly appeared after being gone for thousands of years. Players can play as one of four classes (warrior, mage, cleric, and "assassinator"), each of which can advance to one of two subclasses, as they battle monsters and gather their essences in order to transform into those same monsters in battle. While the meat of the game is exploring dungeons, players can also partake in any of twenty sub-games, including racing, quizzes and shooting, and they can even find a significant other and get married. The game supports PvE, PvP and GvG (Guild vs. Guild) gameplay.

Tales of Wind is available now for free through the App Store and the Google Play Store.

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