'Skies of Arcadia' gets CD, vinyl, music box release

The protagonists of 'Skies of Arcadia'. The protagonists of 'Skies of Arcadia'. SEGA

Wayô Records have announced the Skies of Arcadia Eternal Soundtrack, a re-release of the classic game's soundtrack, as well as two new piano suites, on CD and vinyl. The vinyl edition will come in a first-print marble blue coloring, along with a limited edition music box with the Skies of Arcadia logo engraved into the glass, which will play the game's main theme.

Also included is a new cover illustration from Skies of Arcadia artist Itsuki Hoshi, a 24-page booklet with new commentary from the development team and composers, and an exclusive art print for those who pre-order.

"Skies of Arcadia has always been special to so many of us," notes Wayô Records founder Jonathan Khersis. "It featured beautiful artwork, a memorable journey into unknown lands and of course an unforgettable soundtrack by Yutaka Minobe and Tatsuyuki Maeda. For this new release, and to celebrate the upcoming 20th anniversary, I thought it was important to bring several new contents. It was fantastic working on the new illustration concept with Itsuki Hoshi and on the original piano suite with our friend Ramon Van Engelenhoven. I also thought the 'Main Theme' really deserved its own music box and it had to be treated with the best quality. Today, we are proud to share our love for Skies of Arcadia and hope this will open the way to new exciting projects for the franchise!"

Skies of Arcadia, released on the Sega Dreamcast in 2000, remains one of the most popular RPGs released by Sega, and featured a live orchestra recorded by the Skies of Arcadia Symphony Orchestra. To commemorate this, this re-issue includes two exclusive piano arrangements by Dutch musician Ramon van Engelenhoven that will allow fans to enjoy the soundtrack in an all new way.

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