E3 2016: Nacon GC-400 ES Alpha Controller first impressions

E3 2016: Nacon GC-400 ES Alpha Controller first impressions EVAN SYMON

Most people don't give their controller a second thought. The buttons are the same, the feel is the same, so why opt for a different one? Why spend over $100 for one? The Nacon GC-400 ES Alpha could change a few minds.

Using the controller, I played a few shooting games to test it out. The first thing I noticed was the right hand joy stick. It felt oddly smooth and calculated. As it turns out you can set the sensitivity, reaction and other aspects of it manually (not in game) meaning that how hard or how soft you prefer it happens. The effect actually makes moving and aiming super smooth.

Another aspect is the keyboard-controller conversion – you get to set up what keyboard buttons go with what controls and it makes playing a breeze. You can tweak until you find the combo of buttons that works. Imagine if controls were not set and you could set your own – this controller allows it.

It also has several other customizable options – grip, no cable connection and playing by keyboard via controller options. All of this adds up to a controller that makes any PC game into a console version.

The GC-400 ES is not yet available in North America, but from what I tested, when it is, it should be a hit. It is a little expensive (USD over $100) and the buttons seem a smidge out of place, but overall this just might represent the future of controllers.

It's pretty cool.

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