E3 2016: 'War Thunder VR' first impressions

2016 seems to be the year of the virtual reality boost. Everywhere at E3 were games using the Oculus Rift and other systems to make everything all 3D. One game showing off it's 3D chops was War Thunder.

The first thing I noticed as I started playing War Thunder was how stunning it looked. The ground is pretty much Google Maps with some 3 D buildings added on, but the dog fights are incredible. You really do feel like you're flying circa 1944. As long as you don't stare too long at the ground, yeah, you're flying high.

Some VR games I've played in the past haven't exactly made me dizzy, but it did make me a little off-kilter. The movements in War Thunder are actually pretty smooth, and I never found myself disoriented. When you spin too much or pull up all the way there is a little blur, but other than that, the 3D works great.

The controls are a little realistic – I was flying straight up for a long enough time the engine should have stalled out and it didn't. Plus there were some issues lining up to take down enemy planes – I understand in real life it's, to put it mildly, nearly impossible for a first timer to do it, but the joystick for the game was sensitive enough that it made aiming difficult.

Still, with a VR system hooked up with the game, War Thunder is an enjoyable game, is fun and, despite a few issues, makes this one of the top VR flying games out there, and in my opinion, one of the best out there for dogfights.

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