CES 2017: Snakebyte unveils Nintendo Switch, NES Classic accessories

CES 2017: Snakebyte unveils Nintendo Switch, NES Classic accessories NINTENDO OF AMERICA

The San Diego based electronics company Snakebyte is unveiling at CES 2017 this week a line of accessores compatible with Nintendo's next video game console, the Nintendo Switch.

Snakebyte's Nintendo Switch accessory lineup currently sits at a total of two items.  While not yet providing images (the trade show doesn't officially open until Thursday, Jan. 5), the company says the accessories are "designed to enhance the portable nature of the Switch console," and that "the snakebyte range has been produced with a strong emphasis on quality, catering to gamers of all ages and robust enough to survive the most demanding of trips."

The company's announced Switch accessories include a foldable headset powered by 40mm drivers and a Nintendo Switch Starter Kit.  The kit includes a carrying bag, stereo earbuds, a cleaning cloth, a screen protector, control caps, and a set of game cases designed for the protection for the tablet screen and games.

“Nintendo has a tradition of honoring the past while forging a bold future, and with the release of the NES Classic Edition as well as the forthcoming Switch, we believe that gamers everywhere will respond positively to the new hardware Nintendo are introducing,” said Nick Repenning, CEO for Snakebyte USA.  “We expect our range of Switch accessories to be high quality and thoughtfully designed, ideal for a day one purchase alongside new console sales.  We believe that the new products announced today will allow us to continue growing market share in our gaming hardware business and look forward to sharing further details soon.”

During the consumer electronics and technology trade show, Snakebyte is also showing its new line of accessories compatible with the NES Classic Edition system.

The company's Classic Edition accessory range includes a power adapter allowing users to use the console's USB cord in a regular power outlet as well as a gamepad extension cable that adds almost ten feet to the user's gamepad length.

Snakebyte says both its Switch and NES Classic Edition accessories are supposed to come out this Spring.

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