Being first to bring Switch accessories to market vital for Snakebyte

Snakebyte's folding headset for Nintendo Switch. Snakebyte's folding headset for Nintendo Switch. BARRY WHITE / GEEKNIFTY

For Snakebyte, it isn't just about making accessories for the Nintendo Switch.  It's being the first company to do so.

The company recently announced a whole line of accessories for Nintendo's yet-to-be-released video game console even though Nintendo itself hasn't yet revealed when the Wii U replacement will be coming out.  Regardless, Snakebyte Group PR Director Alex Verrey points out that it's vitally important for Snakebyte to be the first third-party company to bring the console's accessories to market.

"It's very important to be first to market when it comes to a range of products for the Nintendo Switch," Verrey says.  "It's a race to be first.  Whoever gets there first wins."

Verrey expands upon this in the below video interview from CES 2017:

CES 2017: Snakebyte on being first to market... by GeekNifty

Snakebyte's Nintendo Switch lineup includes not only two types of carrying cases (one hard and one soft) and a foldable headset, but also an entire Starter Kit.  The Kit is a bundle that consists of a carrying case, stereo earbuds, a cleaning cloth, a screen protector, control caps, and a plastic game storage case.

"All of these things are very important to gamers when buying a portable console," comments Verrey.

Snakebyte's line of Nintendo Switch accessories is slated to come out sometime this Spring.

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