CES 2017: Enhance Gaming looks towards high-end PC gaming market

Enhanced Gaming's gamer-oriented RGB mechanical computer keyboard. Enhanced Gaming's gamer-oriented RGB mechanical computer keyboard. BARRY WHITE / GEEKNIFTY

At CES 2017 in Las Vegas, computer gaming peripherals label Enhance Gaming is looking to expand beyond the mid-range as it focuses on the high-end PC gamer.

Topping Enhance's new line of computer peripherals geared towards high-end and competitive gamers is its Theorem RGB mechanical keyboard.  In addition to featuring mechanical switches, it has multi-colored key backlighting, and aluminum casing.  It joins the company's lineup of four existing gamer-oriented keyboards.

Also being added to Enhance's catalog is a USB condenser microphone.  It uses an omnidirectional condenser capsule and is said to have latency.

"If you're not using a headset or you don't want the weight on your head, you can use the condenser microphone to pick your voice up from anywhere," says Senior Product Developer Darren Rieger.

The third device Enhance is putting out for high-end PC gamers is its MMO mouse featuring 19 buttons and supporing as high as 16,000 DPI.

"You can fully program all the buttons," explains Rieger.  "That means you can do all your spells, tricks, moves with just the press of your thumb."

Two new gaming headsets also made their debuts at CES 2017 for Enhance Gaming.  This includes both the Enhance Scoria Vibration gaming headset and Enhance Vibration earbuds.  The Scoria features 7.1 virtual surround sound, illuminated in-line controller, color-selectable LEDs, built-in multimedia controls, and a retractable microphone.  It also has an in-line controller for not only volume and mic mute, but also control of the headset's adjustable vibration engine.  As for the earbuds, they also have a rumble feature that is embedded into its housings that is designed to react to low frequencies by vibrating.

"The Enhance earbuds take all of the technology that's in the [Scoria] and shrink it down into a more portable version," Rieger says.  "So they're lightweight, they connect to your PC with the PC mic and headphone connections, and also you can disconnect them and connect them to your phone, your tablet, VR... anything that takes a 3.5mm."

You can take a look at Enhanced Gaming's high-end lineup in the video below:

CES 2017: Enchance Gaming looks towards high... by GeekNifty

Enhance Gaming is the PC gaming oriented division of consumer electronics manufacturer Accessory Power.

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