A look at Razer's Project Valerie: The laptop you have to see to believe

Razer's "Project Valerie", shown under glass at CES 2017. Razer's "Project Valerie", shown under glass at CES 2017. BARRY WHITE / GEEKNIFTY

At CES 2017 in Las Vegas, computer gaming company Razer unveiled the prototype of what could become a new generation of laptop computers.

Dubbed "Project Valerie", it's an automated 17" 4K three-screened desktop replacement gaming laptop computer.  Razer built it on the company's existing high-end Blade Pro architecture but with the two additional screens added on along with the internal components to support such hardware such as the NVidia GeForce GTX 1080 GPU the prototype currently employs.

"We want to bring that multi-monitor experience from the desktop into a portable chassis and we want to have that experience and be able to bring it with you anywhere you go," says Razer Product Marketing Manager Vincent Chen.

The additional monitors are contained within the laptop lid just like with standard single-screen laptops.  Once the laptop is opened and powered on, Project Valerie literally whirs to life as servos automatically deploy the second and third screen along the left and right of the central one.  The computer automatically aligns and syncs the three screens for as seamless a presentation as is possible.  While this extra hardware puts extra weight and wear on the lid itself, Chen says Razer is taking steps during the computer's development to mitigate any negative impact that may have on the laptop's hardware and casing.

"We always pride ourselves on design and making sure we build the best quality products," explains Chen.  "So everything - even the hinges right now on the prototypes - are all using CMC aluminum so even the hinges, the chassis itself are all using that sturdy and durable build material."

While Project Valerie was shown in working order at CES 2017, Chen says the computer is still a long way away from production (if it ever gets that far).  That stated,

"If and when this does come to market, we would utilize the latest hardware possible," Chen says.  "This could be the next-gen GPU.  This could be the next-gen CPU.  And from that we want to make sure that it has the power to drive all three 4K displays -- and in fact, you know the final product might not even be 4K.  It could be 1080 for all we know.  There's a lot of design changes that could happen between now and whenever it becomes available."

The news isn't all good with Project Valerie, however, as both prototype versions of the three-screened laptop came up missing upon the conclusion of the consumer electronics trade show.  Razer is taking the theft very seriously and is offering a $25,000 reward for information leading up to the return of the prototypes and the capture of the culprits.

You can watch GeekNifty's entire interview with Vincent Chen of Razer in the video below:

CES 2017: A look at Razer's 'Project Valerie' by GeekNifty

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