How to Find the Answer to the Eternal Question: What to Play Next?

So, you finished a game (or just gave it up because the game hadn’t met your expectations) and have no idea what to play now. There are tons of options to choose from but all these names seem to be so familiar!

You are scrolling the long lists of recommended games on a platform without great enthusiasm and then installing something old — for the tenth time…

Say goodbye to this vicious practice.

Leave Your Comfort Zone

The most simple way to cast a fresh eye on the available assortment of games is leaving  the favorite game distribution service for a while.

If you use Steam (, create an account on Gog ( and vice versa.

Here are some more good websites of that kind:


Each of the mentioned services offers its own sorting system, and their content can differs significantly.

Let’s say, is an excellent place to look for a unique game made by a little-known independent creator: it’s an open marketplace that enables anyone to sell the content they’ve created’.

To be continued 🙂. Right now you may watch the video:

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