Games like Fairy Treasure - Brick Breaker

What to play after Fairy Treasure - Brick Breaker: the names of games which resemble it.

  • BreakQuest is a multi-platform brick buster game created by Spanish studio Nurium Games, later ported to Mac OS by Red Marble Games. It was released on November 16, 2004, and was published by Stardock as part of PSP Minis version developed and published by Beatshapers released in Europe/Asia with PSP Go launch, October 1, 2009. It was later released in the North America region for PSP Go on March 18, 2010. As of 2016, the game is now free for PC on the Nurium Games website with the key: YKGNL6-WGUMQ9-WRFH16-XWXPLB-ECRHG7-4DCDEP

    Released: 2013-01-22


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