How to Find the Answer to the Eternal Question: What to Play Next?

So, you finished a game (or just gave it up because the game hadn’t met your expectations) and have no idea what to play now. There are tons of options to choose from but all these names seem to be so familiar!

You are scrolling the long lists of recommended games on a distribution platform without great enthusiasm and then installing something old — for the tenth time…

Say goodbye to this vicious practice.

Leave Your Comfort Zone

The simplest way to cast a fresh eye on the rich assortment of games is leaving the favorite game distribution service for a while.

If your ‘den’ is Steam (, create an account on Gog ( and vice versa.

Here are three more good websites of that kind:


Each of the mentioned services offers its own sorting system, their content can differ significantly.

Let’s say, is an excellent place to buy a unique game developed by a little-known independent creator: it’s an open marketplace ‘ that enables anyone to sell the content they’ve created’.

Think Outside The Box

As Voltaire said, all genres are good except the boring one.

Game creators do their best to entertain a prospective loyal customer regardless of what genre feeds them.

It would be a mistake to assume that any RPG is better than a shooter and adventures always outperform simulations.

Experiment and the results will pleasantly surprise you!

You don’t want to be unfaithful to your big love? OK, pay attention to adjacent genres.

There are at least eleven types of strategies, eight types of action games and so on —  if you aren’t an expert on the subject yet, the article List of video game genres on Wiki will expand your horizons.

A word of warning here: please do not get too greedy. Having started five games at once, you’ll hardly be able to appreciate them.

Look For Ratings, Especially The Old Ones

The internet is immense. Don’t limit yourself to looking through the rating that’s available at an online store, attempt to find the information about popular games on another site.

I would particularly recommend you visiting On Metacritic, digital games are sorted by:

  • user score or Metascore;
  • platform;
  • genre;
  • year (up to 1995!).

The last criterion is much more interesting than you might be thinking. There is every chance that at the top of the list you will see a name of the game released for consoles a few years ago, but ported to PC, IOS or Android a bit later.

You’ll also read credible old reviews like ‘100 best-selling video games of 2018’ in authoritative newspapers and magazines, even if they’re generally far from the video game industry. For example, Forbes often publishes such posts.

Ask Kickstarter — It Knows A Lot About Cool Games

People donate money only when they believe in an idea or an initiative very much, right?

Check for the projects which have many fans and are going to collect the necessary sum with ease.

It’s likely that a part of these games will see the light of day in the near future.

Until then, you could test a pair of earlier games from the most supported series.

Ask The Audience

Use the lifeline  ‘Ask the Audience’ — fortunately, it usually exists not only on TV shows like Who Wants to Be a Millionaire but also in real life. 🙂

Almost each distribution service has a community. Alive forums are waiting for you as well — start with or Reddit abounds with subreddits for anything related to games. And as a last resort, why don’t go to the universal Quora?

Tell like-minded people what games you used to be playing all night long and you’ll surely get promising answers to your ‘dead-end’ question.

Search games similar to the game you like

Lastly, I want to give you one more piece of advice. Try to use my tool. Open the page, input the name of your favorite game and you’ll get the list of similar games.

Also you may watch the video:

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